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What happens during a new patient appointment?

Every patient who comes through the door goes through a new patient appointment. This hour-long session has several different elements to it.

Before the session, you are asked to complete a new patient form. This is a general health questionnaire and helps us to form a picture of what is happening to your body. When you submit this form, we then review it before the session and if required ask you further questions about your answers.

We will ask you why you have booked an appointment. This is an opportunity for you to talk about the condition that you are presenting with. We will ask further questions and this again helps us to understand what is happening. If there are no red flags, then we will start with orthopaedic and neurological testing.

Clinic testing helps us to ensure that you don’t have any contraindications to treatment, it also helps us to form a working diagnosis for you. Some of the tests may trigger pain and some may not. The absence or the presence of pain helps us to rule in or out of conditions, the most important thing for you is to tell the practitioner during the testing. Clinic testing may also involve palpating the area of concern, again if this is tender or painful you should inform your practioner as this is all important information.

Once the testing has been completed, the practioner will discuss the results with you. This includes discussing the positive testing, discussing the working diagnosis, and providing you with treatment options. It is up to you what treatment option you decided to use. Once you have decided on your treatment option you will be asked to sign a consent form.

If you are happy to start treatment and there is no need for a referral elsewhere then the first appointment will include treatment and exercises to be completed at home.

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